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Ref: Hearing experience feedback during the two weeks of wearing the Demo Hearing Aids.

My hearing status as diagnosed: Born with ‘dead’ right ear and moderate to severe hearing loss of left ear with the accompanying poor speech discrimination and poor localization of sound. 

Description of equipment used: SIEMENS PURE CE0123 BEHIND THE EAR BICROS SYSTEM.

Thank you for your help in supplying me with a DEMO set of the above. This is definitely the answer to bring relief to my life long hearing problem. There is less stress about the hope of finding a seat close to the speaker/chairperson at meetings or to turn my head in order to focus my left ear towards the speaker. I also experience less interference from background noise during conversations. Background noise has always affected me emotionally.

MY observations during wearing the above equipment are as follows:

  • When I heard my own voice while talking I realized that the other person should be able to hear my voice and there is no need for me to speak as loud as I was always used to.
  • Hearing my own voice makes me aware of my elocution. I am a trained public speaker and this equipment will help a lot to improve/restore in this regard.
  • I am an organist in the church and I have a piano at home. I have played the same piano since the age of nine. I am 58 years old now and the same piano now sounds again like it used to sound when I was nine years old. What a miracle! This experience proves that the answer to my hearing problem was not only to increase the volume (dB) but rather the ability to hear all the different tones that will also improve speech discrimination
  • Sitting in church listening to the organ and the choir sounds again like my youth days.
  • I experience better speech discrimination when listening to speech from a public address system. The volume does not need to be loud. So there is no need to worry about enough volume in order to hear.
  • The equipment does attenuate the background noise to a level where it is no more an emotional disturbance and there is less listening effort required during conversations. I feel more relaxed when listening and talking at group discussion meetings.
  • A cell phone or landline phone I can now hold 15mm away from my ear and I will still hear clearly what is being said. It appears though that there is a higher degree of clarity when the equipment detects and transmits electronic/digital speech sound.
  • I can now hear more of the higher tones/frequencies sound of instruments in music that is played back on CDs. Some of the sounds I have never heard before even though I have listened to the same music tracks for many years.
  • I hear sounds that come from some birds and I can’t recall if I have ever heard it before.
  • What a relief that there is a lot less need to ask someone to repeat what was said because it feels like I can hear with both ears through the help of the dummy hearing aid on the right.

I hope this information will give hope to others who need the same assistance.


From: Clive Jaftha (Choirmaster, pianist, public speaker, lecturer, engineering inspector & counselor)