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Taking Care of your Hearing Instrument



Taking good care of your hearing instruments ensure that they continue to perform well and for longer. Hearing instruments are highly sophisticated technical masterpieces and therefore we recommend that you come back every year so that we can check your hearing instrument. 
For hygienic reasons and to maintain their functionality, we offer a highly competitive repair, cleaning and maintenance service of all hearing instruments in the Siemens, Widex, Oticon and Unitron brand. The most important benefits of wearing two hearing instruments are:

  • Your ability to localise sounds will improve.

  • You will experience a fuller, more comfortable sound picture.

  • It will be easier to understand speech in noisy surroundings.

  • Avoid Chemicals



When it comes to the cleaning of hearing instruments, we use a special hearing instrument brush that sweeps away any dirt or moisture that might enter the hearing instrument. This also removes ear wax and other debris that might hinder the function of the hearing instrument. It is recommended that you take your hearing instruments to your hearing healthcare professional for regular servicing and performance checks.

  • Ensures the best care

  • Prolongs performance