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Oticon - miniRITE

Brand: Oticon
Available in many different colours.
SKU: OTI0001
  • C068 Royal Blue
    C068 Royal Blue
  • CO63 Diamond Black
    CO63 Diamond Black
  • C090 Chroma Beige
    C090 Chroma Beige
  • C094 Terracotta
    C094 Terracotta
  • C093 Chestnut Brown
    C093 Chestnut Brown
  • C044 Silver
    C044 Silver
  • C091 Silver Grey
    C091 Silver Grey
  • C092 Steel Grey
    C092 Steel Grey
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miniRITE sits discreetly behind the ear and is our smallest behind-the-ear hearing aid. A tiny speaker attached to a thin, almost invisible wire fits comfortably in the ear. The miniRITE is Made for iPhone®. A simple push button controls volume and listening programs. For mild to severe hearing loss.