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Oticon - ITE Half Shell

Brand: Oticon
Available in many different colours.
SKU: OTI0007
  • CO01 Beige
    CO01 Beige
  • C002 Light Brown
    C002 Light Brown
  • C003 Medium Brown
    C003 Medium Brown
  • C004 Dark Brown
    C004 Dark Brown
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ITE Half Shell

This type of hearing aid sits visibly in the ear itself. They are the optimal styles for clients with dexterity needs who prioritise an instrument that is easy to handle. Because they are larger than other types of hearing aids that fit inside your ear, they can accommodate longer-lasting batteries and larger manual control options. Wireless connectivity and telecoil is optional.

Your hearing care professional will discuss the different styles and their benefits with you, guiding you towards the choices that are best suited to your hearing needs, lifestyle and personal preferences.