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Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions


What features should I look for in a Hearing Instrument?

Your hearing instrument should ideally have a twin microphone system, which improves speech understanding in noisy environments.

Your Hearing Instrument should have multiple channels – the more channels the better sound quality.

Noise reduction is also important – it makes listening to speech more comfortable in noisy situations and reduces wind noise when outside.

Your Hearing Instrument should have multiple programmes, which optimize speech sounds in different listening environments.

Feedback cancellation ensures that you experience minimal whistling.

Should I wear One Hearing Instrument or Two?

People have two ears so that they can hear in different sound environments and locate the source of sounds. So in most cases it makes sense to wear two Hearing Instruments.

One hearing instrument can never do the work of two, so the improvements to their hearing is never as good, but one is better than nothing. It’s the same with music: stereo sounds definitively better than mono.

For the brain to process information properly, it needs input from both ears. The two ears work together just like the two halves of the brain.

My workplace is very noisy. Will this eventually affect my Hearing?

Exposure to high noise levels may cause permanent noise-induced hearing loss. Workers in high noise environments should be wearing hearing protection.

For some time I have had a constant ringing noise in my ears. Is that a sign of a Hearing problem?

Tinnitus (a constant ringing in the ears) is a very prevalent medical condition. Hearing instruments have proven to be very effective in Tinnitus management and many Tinnitus sufferers also have some degree of hearing loss. Hearing Health is a new health supplement that can drastically reduce the perception of “ringing in the ears”.

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Do Hearing Instruments still Whistle?

No, the days of hearing instruments whistling are long gone. Modern hearing instruments, in conjunction with well-manufactured ear moulds, eliminate feedback (whistling).

Feedback cancellation software and feedback management technology eliminate the whistling that was associated with the older analogue older hearing instruments.

Will my Hearing become worse if I delay getting a Hearing Instrument?

For years we have known that aging and noise exposure take their toll on our ability to hear and interpret speech. This is true whether or not we use hearing instruments.

However, research shows that the ability to make sense of what we hear deteriorates more rapidly if the hearing pathway is not stimulated.

Therefore, a decision to delay being fitted with hearing instruments will not cause hearing to become worse, but it may make it more difficult to adapt and benefit from hearing instruments later on.