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Fitting a Hearing Instrument


Choosing a Hearing Instrument

Hearing instruments are chosen based on its ability to fit the individual’s hearing and lifestyle needs. No two ears are the same and what works for one may not work for the other. During a hearing instrument fitting, we measure the output of the hearing instruments in your ears to ensure that it is set properly to provide you with optimal results. The final decision is based on the consultation, discussion and agreement between clinician and patient as to what can realistically be expected from a chosen instrument. We offer advice based on experience and continuous professional development, allowing you to adapt to your new hearing instrument whilst encouraging you to come in for adjustments as you get used to your new listening environment.


Steps to fitting Hearing Instruments:

  • Audiologic evaluation (hearing test)
  • Analyze hearing test.
  • Choosing the appropriate instrument and initial fitting.
  • Follow-up consultations which are very important.